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  • 16.05.2019 14:01:56
  • Artykuły: 26
Strony od–do Tytuł artykułu Liczba poz. cytowanych
155-160 The Causality Relationship between Hnx Index and Stock Trading Volume in Hanoi Stock Exchange
Vuong Quoc Duy, Le Long Hau
161-165 A Review on Antiphishing Framework
Sonal Akhare, Nikita Mayur, Vipashyna Kapse, Manjusha Harde, Deepak Kamde, Neha Titarmare
166-169 Effects of Parameters of Photonic Crystal Fibre on Dispersion and Confinement
Shahid Masood Ahmad Khan, Mohammad Shahid
170-177 Instantaneous Deteriorated Economic Order Quantity (EOQ) Model with Promotional Effort Cost
Padmabati Gahan, Sourav Dhal, Monalisha Pattnaik
178-185 Impact of Variable Ordering Cost and Promotional Effort Cost in Deteriorated Economic Order Quantity (EOQ ...
Padmabati Gahan, Monalisha Pattnaik
186-191 Study of the Densities of Some R4NI - Solutions in Water - Isopropyl Alcohol Solvent Mixtures at 313.15 K ...
Indu Saxena, Rikkam Devi, Vijay Kumar
192-198 Applications of Re-Engineered Productivity Award Model in the Measurement of Water Supply System Performa ...
Okolie S. T. A., Onawumi A. S., Adio T. A.
199-204 Comparative Analysis of Traditional versus Authentic Teaching Method in DNA Extraction to Biology Students
Vanessa Joy P. Gasat, Michael Prince N. Del Rosario, Flormay O. Manalo
205-208 Certain Issues in Web Page Prediction, Classification and Clustering in Data Mining
Srikala S, Geetha P, Sampath P
209-214 Wireless Sensor Networks: An Overview on Security Issues and Challenges
Arundhati Nelli, Sushant Mangasuli
215-220 A Marketing-Oriented Inventory Model with Three-Component Demand Rate and Time-Dependent Partial Backlogging
Dr. Samiran Senapati
221-225 The Concept of Load Balancing Server in Secured and Intelligent Network
K. Pendke, A. Kasrekar, A. Sawarkar, T. Yeddeloo, R. Bhusari
226-232 Influence of Poly (Titanium Oxide) on the Kinetic of the Formation, Viscoelastic and Optical Properties o ...
Tamara V. Tsebrienko, Tatiana T. Alekseeva, Nataliia V. Babkina, Nataliia V. Yarovaya
233-237 In Silico Determination of Binding Free Energy and Bonding Interactions between Monosubstituted Cefovecin ...
O.V. Ikpeazu, K.K. Igwe, I. E. Otuokere
238-240 Analysis and Survey of FPGA Based PROFIBUS Board
Nishat Anjum, Sunil Shah
241-246 Attendance Monitoring System of Students Based on Biometric and GPS Tracking System
J. Chandramohan, R. Nagarajan, M. Ashok kumar, T. Dineshkumar, G. Kannan, R. Prakash
247-249 Allelopathic Effect of Lantana Camara on Germinatiion and Growth of Chickpea and Green Gram
Lovely Sharma, Dr Anjali Khare, Dr. Mohd. Aslam Siddiqui
250-253 A Literature Review on Study of Silica fume as Partial Replacement of Cement in Concrete
Abhinav Shyam, Abdullah Anwar, Syed Aqeel Ahmad
254-258 Analysis of fumes emitted during hard facing of FCAW wires
Mithra S, Venkatakrishnan P G
259-264 The Localized Productive System: A Literature Review
Youssef Moflih
265-270 Contribution to Collaborative Innovation Studies: Cases of SMES Moroccan Automotive Suppliers and their Client
Elharouni Fatine, Benmoussa Rachid, Ait Ouhmane Abdellah
271-276 The study of Factors Affecting Consumer Preferences of Shopping at Organized Retail Stores in Delhi NCR
Nausherwan Raunaque, Shahid Jibran, Preeti Preeti
277-280 Design & Analysis of Multi Storeyed Building (G+10) By Using Stadd Pro V8i (Series 4)
Mr. A. P. Patil, Mr. A. A. Choudhari, Mr. P. A. Mudhole, Mr. V. V. Patole, Ms. A. D. Dange, Ms. S. K. Chendake
281-283 Taxi Ride Based on Voice Alert System
Swetha. R.V, Akshaya. R, Sharmila .A, Sri Lekha.P, Mrs.K. Lalitha
284-287 Comparative Study of Different Techniques in Speaker Recognition: Review
Sonali T. Saste, Prof. S. M. Jagdale
288-291 Opinion Poll: Big Data Implementation of Unstructured Data Analytics of Social Network Reviews Using Sent ...
S. Sylvia Irish, M. Sicily Sherin, R. Surya, Y. Vidhya, Vidya Ramamoorthy